Monoblock kitchens where power and durability take on a whole new meaning.

The Monoblock line of Cooking Ranges are the perfect choice for chefs that need extra power and unparalleled robustness.

Unique configuration

MONOBLOCK cooking suites are completely customised with a unique arrangement. These cooking ranges are noted for their flexibility when designing a space and they are not limited by the size of standard modules.

Cooking ranges

Our cooking ranges are manufactured with 40 mm x 40 mm welded tube structure on 3 mm AINSI-304 stainless steel. You can design your central, wall mounted or wall hanging cooking block from a choice of various designs, colours and steel finishes.

Available components

The power of these cookers is unique thanks to their structures that support the highest temperatures without deforming or expanding. The large amount of components available and personalisation options make the possibilities of your cooking ranges almost endless.

- Open burner from 5.5 Kw to 11.5 Kw
- Cooktops with 1 to 6 burners with flexible configurations
- Cooktop with running water at bottom of hob to facilitate cleaning
- Gas fry tops in different sizes and power ranges 
- Gas and electric fry tops in steel, chrome or grooved finish 
- Electric bain marie and pasta cooker
- Lava stone gas grill in several sizes 
- Integrated gas or electric ovens 
- 11.5 Kw gas wok 
- Electric and gas fryers 
- Made to measure shelves with water column 
- Coup de feu cooktops in various sizes and power ranges 
- Coal and wood burning grills 
- Induction or vitro-ceramic hobs 
- High-power paella cookers 
- Iron barbecue grills



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