Made to measure buffets and elements

At Adisa we want to be your perfect partner to help you create the cooking space of your dreams, to this end we present to you our Professional Buffets, a range of Buffet display units where the only limitation is your imagination. We work in any type of decorative finish or leave it smooth and ready to be decorated. Our range of integrated ADISA quality cooking elements will convert your Buffet into the best cooking showcase.

For professionals

Our Buffets have metal structures with AINSI 304 stainless steel work areas integrating the technical components inside making it easy to maintain, with the Buffet’s integrated component controls on the front which are protected by an embedded tray. We use ventilated panels in the areas that require it to provide good ventilation of the interior components.

Elements list
Stainless steel carvery with screen included
Marble carvery with screen included
Paella displays in varying sizes
Infra-red screens
Ice-cream storage
Serving dishes with tongs
Distributors with neutral or hot pots
Ice buckets
Embedded hotplates in different sizes and powers
Slatted shelves
Bain Maries on granite
Wall, central and curved screens
Granite cooking elements (burners, grills etc.)
Cold and hot plates in Neolith or Stainless steel

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