The ultimate in made-to-measure modular cooking ranges

With over 150 layout possibilities, Ginesta kitchens can be adapted to any space or type of restaurant.

Modular Elements

Our experience in designing made-to-measure professional kitchens had led to the creation of the Ginesta range, a modular cooking range line with depths of 800 and 900 and widths of 400, 600, 800 and 1200.

Cooking suites

The Ginesta line of cooking suites can be as versatile as you want: our neutral modules are always made to order so you can design your cooking block to fit perfectly in your space.

Variety of designs and colours

The worktops are always 3-mm-thick, our cooktops are integrated into stainless steel, with or without running water at bottom of hob to facilitate cleaning. Your cooking block can be adapted into central, wall mounted or wall hanging configurations and can be made with a seamless worktop without joints, erected in the factory. You can play with different designs and colours to make your Ginesta kitchen totally unique.

List of components
- Stainless steel cooktops with running water at bottom of hob to facilitate cleaning
- Configurations of 1 to 6 burners in modules widths from 400 to 1200
- Neutral modules made-to-measure with floors, shelves, drawers and doors
- 11.5 Kw gas wok
- Gas or electric ovens
- Wall-mounted modules and elements with Gas Stone Grill of 600 or 1200
- Coal or wood burning barbecue modules
- Gas or electric steel, chrome or grooved grills
- Different grill sizes, in modules and elements from 400 to 1200
- Electric fryer modules
- Wall-mounted modules and elements with Bain Marie and pasta cooker
- Wall-mounted induction modules and elements


GINESTA 800 kitchens have a depth of 80 cm and can be configured as a wall mounted kitchen including integrated shelf.



GINESTA 900 kitchens have a depth of 90 cm, and they can be configured as a wall-mounted unit with integrated shelf or central standing with chimney.


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